Thursday, August 15, 2013


So I am back from my viggle break. Now for those of you who do not know what viggling is let me give you a simple break down. 

Viggle is an app that you can download for free from the android or iTunes market for Free. What the app does... You earn points for watching TV. To be more specific you earn points for each minute you are checked in to a show.

What Viggling get's you... with the points you earn from your check-ins you can go to the Rewards section and redeem your points for prizes.

What kind of prizes can you redeem? You can find things like gift cards, products, discounts or you can give to charities just to name a few. It's really up to what's available in the shop but if you find something that you would like then it's worth viggling to get it.

Why I viggle... I started viggling because of a commercial about the app and it intrigued me so I figured for a free download there was bound to be something that would make the app worth it. And I found my diamond in the rough product to work toward and set my goal.

So what is my goal... My goal is a 4,000,000pt Royal Caribbean Cruise for Oceanview state room,  4 to 5 nights cruise to the Caribbean, Europe or Bermuda.

I plan on taking my military fiance on the cruise with me. We have a 4 year old and because of his occupation we don't get a lot of alone time to just do something fun together. And with this last year being so crazy, he went on deployment in April 2013 and the kiddo and I are back in our hometown where all our family is till mid-October. Then this spring my grandparents on my mom's side who I was close to passes away so it's been kinda a tough year. I figured planning a vacation that I could earn from an app like viggle would be a good way to keep focused on something and give me something to look forward to.

My plan for success:
I love going into things with a game plan. Yes, that makes me an A-type personality and sometimes I'm that crazy, slightly stressed out, frazzled lady who stands there and rolls her eyes and you can see visibly counting down from 10 because things are not going according to plan.
But when plans go accordingly you know you have success on your hands so I don't think I would trade my planning personality for the world.

Step 1: I did some research about viggle to see who else was viggling and find suggestions about the using the app and of course I read the rules and how to use the app.

- What I've learned from my research; Minutes Limit 720minutes or 12hrs are the max check-in minutes for the day. Not including bonus points for checking into shows with bonus check in points.
-To earn bonus check in points you have to be checked into a show for at least 10minutes or you only get points per minutes watched.

Step 2: Get a game plan.

- I start off by finding hour shows that reoccur daily and then putting them into my google calendar so that I get notifications on when they start. I like REMINDERS!!!!
- I go to viggle or viggle boy to see what are the bonus shows for the day.

Step 3: Multi-tasking is important. If you can multi-task and earn points then this is a great app to use for you.

- You can have 3 accounts per house hold. This allows you to maximize your points with using each device to check into the same show.
- Having more then one device also helps out with Trivia because if you don't know the answer to Viggle Live Trivia then you can guess and with 3 devices you are guarantied to get one answer right. 

Step 4: Keeping an eye out for extra earning opportunities.

- Finding and Checking into Quest Viggle's Blog list the current and past quest and the rules.
- What's On section in the app also list the day's bonus points shows and you can set reminders
- Tapping on the shows in the What's On section can also pull up ads that are worth points. These ads seem to be most prominent at the beginning of the day. 


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